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Highly Recommended Complete Annual set - Brush with 3 heads- Only


Dr M's Oral Brush

Exclusive Product in limited supply
Toothbrush designed by the Profession

First recyclable manual toothbrush with detachable head
Pre-order as limited stock and in high demand
Highly Recommended - Complete Annual Set - Brush With 4 Heads Only £2.99

Handle/Head- PETG-Polyethyene Teraphthalate
Rubber grip- TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer
Bristles- Dupont-Nylon(soft)
Head- 38 holes
Length- 19mm

Product details:
Patent Registration- 0032957240001, 0032957240002, 0032957240003
Product Trademark Registration-01534556
Trademark/Patent owed by JK&S LTD

Company number- 10122440

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